No. 品牌 编号 产品名称 规格 单位 目录价
1 invent SD-008/SN-009 inute TM Total Protein Extraction Kit for Plant Tissues(Minute TM植物组织总蛋白提取试剂盒) 50Tests/4Tests 3048/307
2 invent SN-006-01/02 Minute Detergent-Free Total Protein Extraction Kit for Animal Cells/Tissues(无表面活性剂的动物细胞/组织总蛋白提取试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 350/3456
3 invent SN-010-01/02 Minute Detergent-Free Plant Protein Extraction Kit(Minute 无表面活性剂的植物组织总蛋白提取试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 307/3048
4 invent SB-004-01/02 Minute TM Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit(Minute TM 革兰氏阴性菌总蛋白提取试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 307/3048
5 invent YT-015 Minute™ Total Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell Walls(厚胞壁微生物总蛋白提取试剂盒) 50Tests 1800
6 invent YD-016 Minute™ Detergent-Free Protein Extraction Kit for Microbes with Thick Cell Walls 50Tests 1800
7 invent AT-022 Minute Total Protein Extraction Kit for Adipose Tissues/Cultured Adipocytes(Minute动物脂肪组织及细胞总蛋白提取试剂盒) 20Tests 3456
8 invent FE-025 Minute™ Protein Extraction Kit for Fixed and Embedded Tissues(Minute TM 石蜡包埋组织蛋白提取试剂盒) 20Tests 3456
9 invent SC-003-01/02 Minute TM Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Fractionation kit(Minute TM细胞质和细胞核分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 360/3456
10 invent SM-005-01/02 Minute™ Plasma Membrane Protein Isolation and Cell Fractionation Kit(Minute TM质膜蛋白和细胞组分分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 485/4776
11 invent MP-007-01/02 Minute TM Mitochondria Isolation Kit for Mammalian Cells and Tissues(Minute TM 哺乳动物细胞/组织线粒体分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 485/4776
12 invent CP-011-01/02 Minute TM Chloroplast Isolation Kit(Minute TM 植物叶绿体分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 307/3048
13 invent SC-012-01/02 Minute TM Single Cell Isolation Kit(Minute TM 新鲜组织和固定组织单细胞分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 307/3048
14 invent NE-013-01/02 Minute TM Nuclaer Envelope Protein Extraction Kit(Minute TM核膜蛋白提取试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 580/5616
15 invent HP-014-01/02 Minute TM Histon/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit(Minute TM 组蛋白/DNA结合蛋白分离试剂盒) 4Tests/50Tests 360/3456
16 invent YM-017 Minute™ Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment Kit(Minute™ 酵母线粒体分离试剂盒) 50tests 3456
17 invent MM-018 Minute™ Plant Microsomal Membrane Extraction Kit(Minute™ 植物微粒体分离试剂盒) 50Tests 5616
18 invent PN-019 Minute™ Protein/Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit from Gels(Minute™ 凝胶片中蛋白质、核酸提取) 20tests 1508
19 invent HD-021 Minute™ Protein Extraction Kit for Hair and Nails(Minute™ 角质化组织总蛋白提取试剂盒) 20Tests 3048
20 invent AF-023 Minute™ Adipose Tissue Fractionation Kit(Minute 脂肪蛋白组分分离试剂盒 ) 20Tests 4416